Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas is over. 
I had a few pictures of Christmas gifts that my costumers had ordered over the last few months and I could not post them yet. I did not want to ruin the surprise for anyone. But now I can. The gifts have been giving and I do hope the receivers have liked them. All of them are unique and made to the specifications of my clients. So here they are. 

A set of 8, 100% white linen napkins embroidered with the family initial. 

Kitchen towels and pot holder to match for a grandmother who loves roosters

Two Bread Basket Liners made out of 100% cotton fabric with the  family initials.

My client did not like the "J" on the first liner so I made another one for her with a different font and this time she did like it.

A set of 8 numbered napkins in 100% white cotton.  And a bread basket liner with the family initial.             A modern look for a lucky daughter-in-law.


No explanations, the apron says it all.

A personalized towel for a girl with sensitive skin.

A gift for a friend who loves herbs.

A gift for a husband on their wedding anniversary.

                                                  The next two pictures are gifts I made...

...for friends...

...and for a wedding. Two monogrammed pillowcases. 

I want to wish all of you a happy and successful 2013. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last night I finally finished our Christmas Wreath.
 I wanted to have something new and hopefully different. I got all the greenery and the vine on sale at Hobby Lobby.  I checked the prices for already finished wreaths and mine has costed me about half of what I saw in other craft stores. 
I made the bow with a spool of ribbon I bought at Costco.
 For the banner I used burlap fabric I ordered on line and I embroidered the word "NOEL" in a rich burgundy color thread. I also sewed a trim I made with a cotton fabric also on a burgundy fabric.
I love the look.

                                 Find me on Facebook, AE Designs, and tell me what you think.


                                     Thanks and have a Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This is the busiest time of the year.  I am preparing to attend some Craft Shows so I can only think of sewing and sewing, and on what else I can embroider on a kitchen towel or a pillow. Here are a few of my new things. Everything is for sale, so if you have your heart on something contact me. There is an address on this blog.


8x12 inches

                                                                         12x16 inches

12x16 inches

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Finally today I had the time to make this Fall Wreath for our front door.  I have wanted to have something new and after searching through the internet and seeing what other people have done, I felt confident enough to make one myself.
I bought everything except the fabric and the binding  for the banner at Hobby Lobby. I had a 40% coupon which I used to buy the vine wreath. The burlap and fabric ribbon were 50% off and the floral was 40%. So in total I paid  $21.00. I used a lot of hot glue I already had at home. The banner is made of burlap that I ordered on line ( I love the color) and I embroidered the letters on my embroidery machine. 

I will be happy to make a custom banner just for you. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today I Made Some Bread

Today I made some bread. The ladies at my church are having a service meeting tonight. We are all bringing a service to share so I decided to make my mother-in-law's Egg Twist Loaf recipe. It is a delicious bread and it is even better toasted.

Here is the recipe

2 pkg yeast
2c warm water
1/4 c sugar
1/4 c oil ( I use canola)
4 tsp salt
3 eggs slightly beaten
About  7 1/2 c flour ( I don't think I use so that much)

Mix the yeast, water, sugar, oil and salt well in a bowl, then add 3 eggs. When mixed add 3 c flour. Gradually add 4 1/2 c to 5 c flour ( I did not use so much flour). Knead. Let raise 1 1/2 hours. Cut in half, then roll into oblong. Cut into three strips and braid. ( This time I cut the dough in 3 and made 3 loaves braiding as explained. I put the bread on a regular bread pan).  Spread beaten egg over the top and sprinkler sesame seeds or poppy seeds over if desired. Let it rise again about 1 hour. Bake at 375 for 40-45 min. Check your bread after 30 min in the oven. 
It is delicious toasted with butter and honey. 

Then, I embroidered a kitchen towel with a Fall theme.

I put the  kitchen towel around the bread and both things in a cellophane bag.

I decided to tied a brown ribbon for a cute look. 

Who wouldn't like to receive a gift like this, home made bread on a pretty embroidered kitchen towel.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This week I have been getting ready to attend again the Eagle Saturday Market I will be there 3 more times during the month of September, then I will be working hard to prepare for the Holiday Season. I am planning on attending several Craft Shows during the month of November. I will post more information later.

Come and visit the Eagle Saturday Market. It is a wonderful and fun place to spend your Saturday morning.

These Kitchen Towels are made of 100% cotton with a deep red checker design. The cherry embroidery is made on a muslin fabric out of thousands of stitches. I used red, greens, pink, burgundy and brown tread colors. I also made a matching apron in black.   







Come to my house to see what I have for sale or contact me through the address on this blog.

Friday, August 10, 2012


My daughter says I am obsessed. I am always thinking of what I can do next or working on a  next project. I don't know if it is true. I do think a lot about my sewing and how I can use the latest embroidery designs I have bought. Here are a few of the new things I just finished. I will have them for sale at the Eagle Saturday Market  tomorrow and if they don't sell, they will be available at my house. All except the runner. The owner of the "Vintage Home" store in Meridian bought it the other day and it is for sale there. 
But remember, I am happy to take special order.

These kitchen towels are screaming "FALL" and It will be here sooner than we think. 

Table Runner                                                                                                                                               Made out of 100% cream color cotton. 22x46 inches long with  3 inches cotton lace at each end.
I can embroider the family name or anything else that you like.

Black and White pillows and wall decor. 


                                                                    Shoe Gift Bags.   ( 8x13 inches)                                                                                                                                        I thought these will be great for a bride's flip-flops or for the bride's maids' gifts, birthdays, showers, or any other celebration where women get together.

 Cute sign for the Laundry Room

Special Order. 21x21 inches restaurant quality napkins. 100% linen and custom embroidered.

Do you see here anything that you would just love to have? Send me a message.

And thanks for looking at my blog.