Friday, March 1, 2013


We have had a hard winter. 
Weeks and days without end of freezing temperatures and snow. 
Today, the sun  is shining and you can feel its warmth on your face. What a pleasure!
We are ready for spring. We really are. 
My husband came home after work and went straight outside to work on the yard. 
Spring cannot come soon enough.

I am getting ready for this year's new shows and markets. 
I will be participating in one in a couple of weeks.
This is their FB address

These are my new "Spring Chicken" Kitchen Towels collection. They are screaming "SPRING", and they are ready to be hung in any kitchen to cheer all of us up.


I created these kitchen towels thinking of all the  Moms and Grandmas out there on their 
Special Day. 
They deserve an unique gift made specially for them; a gift that you will not be able to find anywhere else, only at AE Designs
Made with a lot of care thinking of all those wonderful women who do so much for us. 
The only problem will be to decide which style and color you like best.


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