Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fall Craziness

November and December have been one of the craziest months of my life. 
I started November organizing a Christmas Craft Fair with a friend. Several other vendors joined us and we had a couple of fun and successful days. I was the second top seller, so after all the work I was pleased with the results. 
We are already planning on doing it next year. 
Here are some pictures of our displays. 
The place is our subdivision's Club House.

For the second year I did the"Christmas in the Country" fair. For the last 15 years this lady has organized with her daughter a craft fair at her house. She has been very successful and I think I have done quite well. You take your crafts to her and she will display them and sell them for you. Of course she charges you a fee and also keeps a percentage of your sales, but it is all worth it. 

The first Saturday in December I signed up to do a Christmas Craft Fair at one of the Elementary Schools in town. The week prior to that I worked all day, every day (except Sunday of course) in order to have enough inventory for my booth. I was afraid it was going to look empty so I worked and worked without almost any rest. We did not have as many people as we wished, but I did sell more than the prior year so I cannot complain too much.  
Here are some pictures of my booth and some of my crafts.

Christmas Apron. This one is not reversible but I lined it for a more finished look.                                                   I sold 2 out of the 3 I made. 

                                                     Kitchen towels with a Christmas theme.

 These are some new fun designs for kitchen towels.                            I need to make some more because I sold them fast.

Here are a few more items I had for sale in my booth


                                                   And this is what my booth looked like.


                                           I made this ornament for an Ornament Exchange party.

After I was done with all the craft fairs I had to start working on some orders. A friend of mine asked me if I would do a Christmas tablecloth for her mother. This is the result. I feel very proud of this work. It was a challenge, but I learned a lot. This was really a labor of love.

The celebration of our Lord's birth is around the corner.                                                                                I wish to all of you who celebrate this holiday a Merry Christmas. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Best Time of the Year

Fall has arrived. The days are shorter and the mornings and evenings are quite cold. Yesterday we had our first snow. It did not stick to the ground but the mountains are covered. People who love winter sports are probably getting pretty excited. 
We finally finished all our canning. We did more this year that we have done in quite some time. Basically green beans, salsa and tomato sauce. I am excited to be able to eat those delicious products this winter.
The busy craft season has started. I will be doing 3 different craft shows in the next couple of months, so I have been working hard trying to have enough inventory to sell at all of them. I am planning for a very successful season. 


More kitchen towels I just made.

                                              Days of the Week in a mix of colors or in white.

                                                                     I love the results

Any grandma would love to have an apron like this
                                                   Now, some decor for Roosters Lovers.

                                A perfect gift for those people who always have  a book in their hands


Kitchen towels


                                                                     Wall Hangings

                                                                          Place mats 

Always with a thankful heart


These place mats are specially made to leave Santa a plate of cookies and some hot cocoa.

                               Christmas kitchen towels. Perfect for a neighbor, school teacher or friend.

                  I made this set for a baby shower. Dipper clutch, changing pad and a bib. The theme was Paris

Special order for a  special grandma's birthday.

Special order to announce the new baby's name.

Special order for the back of a very special quilt my mother-in-law is finishing. Her mother made the top almost 80 years ago. What a treasure!