Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Few New Things

A few weeks ago I ordered some business cards. A friend of mine told me where to get them for free     (you only have to pay for shipping and handling) and I really like how they turned out. The color and design is very much like me. I have also registered my name with the Secretary of State office so I am the only one in Idaho using this name, " AE Designs". I have also registered with the Tax Commission of Idaho and I have a EIN number. So I am officially in business.
The funny part about my business cards was when after receiving them I realized  I had misspelled a word. We all laughed a lot about it and since my husband is such a nice guy he placed another order for me, this time with the correct spelling. Once in a while I make mistakes like this. If you don't know me you are probably thinking that I am not very educated. The reason why I do these things is because English is my second language. I am a Spanish native and I learned English in my adulthood, so I think I can be forgiven once in a while for my spelling mistakes.

When I saw the design of this Floral Rooster I had to buy it. It is so unique and it will look great in any kitchen decor.

The price for these towels is $7.00 each

These white waffle weave kitchen towels look great with the cherry and flower designs.  The colors are vibrant and  the Rick Rack trim gives them an almost Retro look.
These are also $7.00 each

This is my New Herbs Kitchen Towels Collection. I have 20 different herbs to embroider. I did these on white but they will look striking on other colors. They can be ordered and  the price is also $7.00. Always add 6% for taxes.


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