Monday, February 20, 2012


The new year has given me that extra time I have needed after a hectic Christmas season. I have not spent as much time with my sewing  machine, but I have been designing ( in my head ) new projects and learning about craft shows. I have also bought a few new things I will use for my craft displays. 

Here is another reason why I am so busy at times. 

I made this bag as a Christmas gift for a good friend. She plays the violin and in this bag she will be able to put her books when she goes to her lessons.
This embroidery design will be great on a wall hanging too.

This apron was a special order. My client had fallen in love with this lady bug print and wanted to make it part of her apron. I think it turned out really cute.

               Fun kitchen towels

 Antique Table Setting Collection.
The apron has 3 front pockets. Each one is decorated with a different embroidery.The two side pockets have a different antique serving utensil. 
I did use the same designs on some kitchen towels.
They are all done in different shades of grey.
It is a different look, but I really like it.


   Spa collection
Fun, little gift bags

Inspired by a church leader's talk ( President Uchtdorf 's "Forget-Me-Not" talk ) I designed this bag. On the back I embroidered the 5 points he mentioned in his talk.                                                                                                         Inside there is a package of  "Forget-me-not" seeds.                                                                                                 Great gift for that special friend.

This is my right hand. Somehow I hurt my finger a couple of months ago, but I thought it would get better on its own. Well, it did not. Now I have to wear this  for  a whole month. I hope it goes fast.  

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