Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My "To Do" list

It has been almost 2 months since my last post. Life gets busy. It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter, the "to do" list goes on and on and never ends. I do enjoy the business of my life and here are a few of the things that I have had my hands and mind on lately.
Every year my husband plants a garden. One of my favorite vegetables is tomatoes. There is nothing that compares to a vine ripened tomato. So I try to bottle some tomato sauce for the winter months.  This is only the beginning.

This is another reason why I am so busy. I have several others, 4 children, a husband,  church responsibilities, and friends and not in any particular order. 

Some of my costumers place special orders. Here are a few of them. This is a sign for a store. One side says "OPEN" the other side says "CLOSED". I matched the colors with the ones she has in her store and she was pleased.  It was a challenged, but there is always so much to learn.

A friend of mine made a quilt for one of her grand-daughters and she asked me to embroider her name on the front. This will be, for sure, a favorite.

Another friend had twin grand-daughters.                                                                                                   The personalized receiving blankets made their blessing day even more special. 

I can't  believe  I am thinking of Thanksgiving already.                                                                                       When I saw these embroidery designs  I immediately thought of "Bread Baskets".                                                              They will add a touch of elegance to your table anytime of the year.                                                                  What a nice gift at only $ 8.00  each. 

Now comes the babies' section.                                                                                                                     

I made these to give them as gifts, but I can make more for a special order.

Onesies for boys and girls. It reads " I am a Child of God" in pink or blue. 

                                                  These bibs are cute, fun and very original!

My father turned 86 in August. He deserved a special gift. 

 For my husband on "Father's Day" I embroidered this pillow with fly fishing attire and flies. Now he rests his head on it when he reads.
The fly fishing embroidery will look great on a men's apron too.


If you have an idea or want to personalize a special gift, contact me via e-mail at 

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